The Axe Pit at the Maine Warrior Gym in Westbrook let us try our hand at chucking axes...with a swirly on the line!


For some reason Lori decided that she would beat Jeff throwing axes. The looser has to get a swirly. What's a swirly? Oh, that's when you stick your head in the toilet and flush!


So, Lori won (skunked him is more like it) and Jeff did do a swirly...

But a lot of people complained...that's no friggin swirly! So, Jeff is like a Lannister and always repays his debt and said he would do it again!

So, head further in...glasses off and let's get us a proper swirly!  It's amazing how agreeable Jeff is...he is more than willing to pay off his bet TWICE!

We are not sure when the second round of swirly will happen, because Jeff said that he wanted to get a haircut first. Um...okay. Stay tuned...

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