If you've traveled on Highway 295 or 95, or really any highway in Maine, you're sure to have seen a maintenance truck on the side of the road helping out a broken down car. Lights on, very visible, and busy taking care of another Mainer who's stuck on the highway.

If you're a responsible driver (and the car next to you has some foresight to let you move over) you merge into the next lane to give the tow truck worker some room. It's the considerate thing to do; it's the SAFE thing to do!

So it's no wonder this Maine tow truck driver posted a video in which he tells drivers to stop putting his and other roadside workers' lives in danger and give an extra lane of space. Heads up, there is some NSFW language:

Not only is moving over safe and considerate, it's the law.

In 2007, Maine passed the "move over" law (all states have one, with Hawaii being the last state to pass one in 2012) which protects people in emergency vehicles and in stopped vehicles with their emergency lights flashing.

Maine’s law requires a driver to slow down to a reasonable speed when approaching a parked emergency vehicle and move into an adjacent lane, if it’s safe to do so, according to Press Herald.

Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that the tow truck driver was a AAA employee. He is not a AAA employee or AAA contractor.

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