Michelle Bancewicz Cicale from Seabrook, New Hampshire is making it a habit pulling in gigantic tunas. This time she did it alone!


Thanks to Kira Lew for an article back in October, we know that Michelle has been fishing most of her life and that she's only been tuna fishing since 2015. In 2019 she bought her own boat the FV No Limits. FV means fishing vessel. It's a perfectly named boat. This is Michelle getting a 1,000-pound tuna onto her boat. I get tired just bringing in the milk from the car.


She caught this monster in the waters off Hampton Beach recently. She was alone on this one with fishing boats close by cheering her on! Being one of the only female captains in an industry that is male-dominated, she has the respect of every fisherman around.

She loves fishing and would love to get more women into it. It's hard to find women that are as passionate about fishing as she is. She does have some female crew that help, but this woman is truly a hero to anyone thinking that 'women can't do what men do'. Oh, hells yes they can!

Hey Michelle! You are a beast of a woman and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Could you do me one favor? After fighting a big tuna for hours on a boat, then landing it - would you mind not looking as amazing as you do? I mean, you are making it hard for the rest of us who only have to open a can of tuna. Thanks!



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