The Woods at Canco is always looking for ways to make life interesting...this time it was the fun of throwing pies!


Molly Donlan is the assistant General Manager at The woods at Canco, a Holiday Retirement Community in Portland. Molly has, throughout this pandemic, been very mindful of the residents. To keep them safe and yet, still have fun has a been a chalenge she has risen to. This week was associate appreciation week and she went above and beyond with activities. Hat Day, Olympics, Car Wash, Sports Day, MisMatch Day, Sundae Bar...and Pie a Manager. Well, why not add pie a DJ to the mix! So, to help cheer up everyone, I went to have pie thrown at me.

They provided PPE, pie protection equipment.


They had marked off areas (6 feet from each other) and then the pies started flying and I got one of the best square in the face hits!


Bullseye! Great hit! And so much fun...

The Woods at Canco has remained coronavirus free. Not an easy task with a group that is susceptable. But to make them feel like there isn't a global pandemic...well, that takes a special group of people.




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