I'm sure they are harmless, but it was the pure numbers that was freaky!


I'm not sure why they picked my front steps to enter the world, but they did. As freaky and kinda scary as it was, it was also more fascinating watching the new little spiders. They would crawl up and down the web. I'm not sure if they were testing out their new legs (they have a lot of them) or what. I also have NO idea what kind of spiders they are. I know they are tiny and probably harmless, but knowing my luck, they grow into giant man killing spiders. Anyone know what these little guys are?


What the actual hell!? Where did they all go? As obsessed as I was (and horrified) I had to move on with my day. When I came back a couple of hours later, they were GONE!



Yes, I know my front steps need help - but focus on the bigger problem...where did all those spiders go??



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