We love watching the coaches of The Voice banter, bicker, and judge their little hearts out, but it's even more fun to hear them perform together! After all, they're The Voice coaches for a reason... their voices!

Watch John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani perform a cover of the Boston band Extreme's "More Than Words" on the stage of the Voice on PopSugar. There's aren't any judges sitting there watching them and critiquing every note, nor an audience to give them uproarious applause afterwards, but it gives the performance a very behind-the-scenes intimate feel, like you're hanging out with them a couple hours after The Voice was taped and watching them play around with instruments and a classic song we all know and love.

The original "More Than Words" was released by Extreme in 1990 and instantly became a classic. Extreme has performed in Portland; they last visited in 2017 in a 29-year anniversary performance of their first visit. Here's hoping the Voice coach's cover catches their audiences on fire again and we'll see them return before too long!


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