This is always the best way to put a bow on the NFL Season. Even though Super Bowl LV has happened and Tom Brady has a 7th ring, it not over until we've watched another hysterical, nonsensical Bad Lip Reading video.

When we are watching the games, we often try to figure out what the players are saying when they are inaudible. The folks that make these seriously brilliant WTF comedy videos come up with ridiculous "stuff they might have said."

It is truly amazing how the folks that make these videos come up with outrageous dubbed-in quotes that match perfectly with how the players and coaches mouths are moving. The tone and inflections of the voice actors are so well done, they always make me laugh until I cry a little.

The Bad Lip Reading series has masterfully skewered scenes from blockbuster films and presidential debates to music videos. These NFL ones are especially great with the contrast of silly voices and serious game faces.

If you haven't had enough fun already this week watching a drunk Tom Brady toss the Lombardi Trophy to Gronk (while he's on a boat and his tight end is on a separate boat), well lookie here my friend.

They go after Tom Brady pretty good too, as well Mahomes and other NFL quarterbacks. Even Bill Belichick gets the BLR treatment. Make sure you watch the whole thing so you don't miss the song at the end.

And now WBLM in association with WBLM proudly presents to the good people of Blimpville, the "NFL 2021-A Bad Lip Reading."

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