The men and women who work in law enforcement sometimes have tasks that aren't exactly busy. You've probably seen police squad cars with blue lights on as construction and utility crews do their jobs.  All too often, drivers will zoom right by these workers and a police presence helps remind them to slow down and keep these workers safe.

These details can usually be pretty uneventful and a little mundane for officers, but they know it's just one of the many things they are called on to do. Sometimes though, something really exciting will happen like seeing two jet fighters fly overhead.

That's what happened on Tuesday when police were on a traffic detail in Westbrook and an officer captured the flyby on video.

We're not sure where the jet fighters are out of and what they were out for, but the Portland Jetport isn't far away.

You can hear the jets coming and can barely see the specs in the distance, but they move quickly and eventually fly directly over the heads of everyone at the traffic detail. One of the officers on duty, the one who captured the video, says "That's awesome," as the first jet flies by followed by the second fighter jet which he gets a good clear video of for a second or two as it zooms by.

How cool is that?

You have to wonder if the pilots saw the squad cars and their flashing lights and decided to head their way for the flyby, or if the traffic detail just happened to be right on their planned course. The caption in the Facebook video says "We appreciate them checking on us."

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