6-year-old Tuckerman was very excited to try the door trick to remove his third loose tooth!

Todd Perry, dad, mentioned tying a string to his tooth and the other end of the string to a door, to remove his tooth. Tuckerman was so excited about trying it, he talked about it over and over. As mom, Tabitha, points out...it was dad's idea!

But you can tell, he's a mix of excited and nervous. Well, did it work? See for yourself!

Yay! It worked. My favorite part of this video is the amazed look on Tuckerman's face and his younger brother's reaction. Timberlan is four, and he reacts with a mix of 'my brother is my hero' AND 'my brother is absolutely insane!'

Have you ever tied a tooth to a door and closed it? Did it work? I remember doing that and it did not work. I didn't have the string tied tight enough or something. Plus, I wasn't quite as brave as Tuckerman.

Way to go Tuckerman! Maybe the Tooth Fairy leaves more money for getting that tooth out with the ol' tooth tied to a door trick!

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