Bolley's Famous Franks changed their fries and people are super the point the family fears for their safety.


For God's sake...what did they do to their fries? They switched from crinkle fries to straight fries. Oh the horror.


But it has pissed off some people. According to the Portland Press Herald , the owners Leslie and Jim Parsons say the anger has escalated:

Jim Parsons said a man came in earlier this month, angry about the change, and ended up threatening to fight him when he was kicked out for becoming disorderly around customers.

“People come in with a negative attitude that the fries aren’t going to be the same,” Jim Parsons said Tuesday. “That’s a tough sale for us.”

“People think we’re changing tradition,” Leslie Parsons said. “We’ve given so much respect to the previous owners.”


So why the change? Well, apparently the machine that cuts potatoes into crinkle shapes needs a lot of fixing. So, they ended up spending a lot of what they made on the fries to fix the potato cutter! The new straight potato cutter hasn't changed the taste, just the shape!

But Leslie, the owner was so worried about people getting worked up she posted on her Facebook page. The Press Herald reports what Leslie put on her Facebook page:

Within the last week, we have encountered some pretty disturbing and hostile customers apparently very unhappy with our straight cut French fry. While I fully understand the crinkle cut has been the long standing traditional fry of Bolleys, I was forced to make an unpopular business decision for reasons as a business owner one must make from time to time. When someone is hostile, you don’t know where the endpoint is going to be. If you’re getting into fights over french fries, you’ve got bigger problems.


Here's the good news, Leslie got a lot of love on Facebook and she says that most of her customers are awesome.

She's right. If the shape of a french fry sets you off...well, you might want to switch to decaf!



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