The Humane Society Waterville Area has a new program that lets you take a dog home for a sleepover.


WMTW reports that 'Slumber Pups' is part of a study of foster care. They are doing this as an experiment with the ultimate goal to save homeless dogs. Not just in Maine, but across the country. They also hope to learn how fostering programs affect dogs, volunteers, and shelter staff. There are 100 shelters across the country in the study including the Human Society Waterville Area.

Humane Society Waterville Area Facebook 1
Humane Society Waterville Area Facebook 1


The study is out of Arizona State University and paid for by Maddie's Fund.

Fostering dogs, even for a short amount of time, helps reduce stress for dogs in kennels and gives them more visibility to get adopted. The shelters get to learn more about a dogs’ personality and how they act outside of the shelter.

Anyone can do the sleep over with Slumber Pups, and HSWA will provide everything you need for a happy sleepover.  Want a sleepover that doesn't involve teenage girls? Go to the orientation Saturday, February 22nd and fill out an application on line.

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