There are ups and downs in most relationships, but this is one very large down. According to, a 29-year-old Waterville woman was arrested on Sunday after setting fire to her boyfriends clothes, and other belongings, in the middle of the street following an argument.

Waterville Police state that the couple had gotten into an argument sometime during the day on Sunday. After the argument was over, the boyfriend left the apartment. From there, the 29-year-old suspect dragging his clothes and some of his other belongings into the middle of Summer Street and then set them on fire. Police responded to several calls about the incident.

The 29-year-old was arrested at the scene for arson and criminal mischief. The 29-year-old told police she was still angry about the argument and that is why she set the fire. There was no other damage beyond the clothes and belongings reported in the incident.

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