Craig Handley is an interesting guy from Waterville. He's an entrepreneur, speaker, musician, and philanthropist. Not a bad singer either...

Craig has a new song called 'Maine' and only a Mainah could capture the true nature of Maine. This song does just that!

Reading about Craig - he sounds amazing! The dude believes in living life like an extreme sport and has the past to prove it!

According to his bio on the Listen/Trust website where he is the owner and CEO Craig has...

...cage dived with great white sharks and rappelled down Table Mountain in South Africa, driven the Baja 500 trail in Mexico, hiked through the jungles of Malaysia, and in Iceland he snowmobiled across a live volcano, swam in the Blue Lagoon, and dove in the famed Silfra Fissure which is the only dive site in the world where your dive is in the crack between two continental plates. He is the 85th civilian ever to jump out of a plane from over 32,000 feet... He is undefeated in his three trips to Necker Island when donning the Sumo Suit. He's met Ringo Starr and bumped into Paul McCartney before security escorted him back to his table while trying to get a selfie, and,in Calgary, he had a scarf blessed while meeting the Dalai Lama (which he has since misplaced).

Who is this super hero that looks like the guy who is taking too long to count change buying a tallboy at a 7-11 around 2 a.m.?

He's the most fascinating guy with a rap song about Maine. He started his professional career as a paperboy, winning a contest to go to Disney for most new subscribers at the age of 13. He's a super hard worker and served five years in the U.S. Army infantry during the first Iraqi war, leaving with an honorable discharge.

Handley studied voice and piano in college at USM. He has written and produced hundreds of songs, from rap to pop to ballads to humorous parodies, and even opened for Coolio and hosted the Adult Entertainment Awards. In 2010 he turned down a record deal because it would have been a pay cut from his profitable businesses - and the required tour schedule didn’t leave him enough time for his kids.

He loves his family and got his wife with his rendition of the running man and the worm!

He believes that with faith and a little courage, anything is possible. He is my new favorite person!

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