Jen had been wanting a puppy for a long time. I was a little harder to convince, but one look at this little face and I was sold. This is Casco. She's 12 weeks old and a labradoodle. 

Look at this face!

If you come to my house, bring 5 dollars. I will give you a hand full of food and you can feed the animals in the zoo. We have a bunny (Lemonade), a cat (GoGo) and now a puppy (Casco). That's a zoo.

So far Casco and GoGo are not that close, but Casco does enjoy the bunny. Almost as much as she enjoys playing with her toys.

She still has 'accidents' in the house as we potty train, but how can you even get upset at this sweet little thing.

Moore Photography

We had Casco maybe three days when we brought her to Jennifer and Michael Moore Photography. They did a great job and we found out that Casco is a ham!

Moore Photography

She is hard to not photograph! And as soon as we got her, it snowed...and snowed...and snowed...

As you can imagine, the kids are nuts over this little girl. It was a surprise for them. A late Christmas present. The kids LOVE her to death. They snuggle, and play and well...they also want to take good care of her. So here she is snuggled up for a nice nap.

Yes. I suppose I am one of those people. Those who whip out a million pictures of their baby and won't shut up. Just for a few weeks, I promise. I have lots to share...I just wanted to introduce her to you.

Casco...these are our listeners. They are very kind. Not as cute as you, but nice none the less.