We have TWO bakers in the quarter finals for the title of 'Greatest Baker of 2020'!


Bakers from all over the world are competing in the world's largest online competition for bakers! The winner gets worldwide kudos and the title of 'The Greatest Baker of 2020'! They also get a year's supply of Stuffed Puffs, and they will be in the Bake From Scratch Magazine. Oh and a nifty $10,000! By the way, Stuffed Puffs are genious. They are marshmellows stuffed with chocolate so you don't have to mess around when making s'mores! And I do mean mess around...could they be messier?

Anyway, we've got two Mainer in the competiton and they needs your votes!

Jennifer Heath is currently 5th in the quarter finals of the cookie category! She specializes in decorated sugar cookies and is really good at them! She's only been at this for a couple of years! Voting is easy and through Facebook. These are her favorite creations!

Jennifer Heath

She has a small business named Jenny Sprankles Confections.

There is another Mainer, Katie Foss - she is in 9th place in the quarter finals for the cake category!

Cakes By Katie's Kitchen Facebook

Like Jennifer, Katie is self taught and has a shop up in Freeport, Cakes By Katie's Kitchen.

She would love your help in getting to the next round! Let's get behind our Maine bakers and show them the love!



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