There's always a light in the darkness, and it's wonderful to see when it shines bright, especially in New England.

Such was the case when a detective from the Westbrook, Maine, Police Department went above and beyond for a little girl while investigating the theft of her family's vehicle, according to a Facebook post from the department.

Because that poor little girl's favorite toy was inside the stolen vehicle, which, according to the Westbrook police, left her very "distressed" she no longer had it.

And can you imagine losing your favorite thing? Let alone your favorite thing, but that of a kid's? And if you have children, you probably know just how valuable to them those items are from blankets to stuffies to books to tiny toy cars. It means the world to them.

The Westbrook police revealed that Detective Jeffrey Stackpole "took it upon himself to go to Target, where he searched for and found the exact toy. He purchased it with his own money, and left it at the victim's home hanging on the doorknob."

But wait. There's more because the detective didn't stop there. He also put in the bag left at the victim's home a stuffed Westbrook Police Department K9 and a Westbrook Police Department patch.

When that little girl got those gifts and a new version of the toy she had lost, Westbrook police said in the post that "she was absolutely elated and filled with joy because of what Detective Stackpole was able to give her."

And yes, Stackpole also solved the case of the stolen vehicle, too.

You'll notice from the Facebook post that the vehicle was stolen all the way back in July 2022, and it wasn't until April 2023 that the police shared the story of their detective's kind gesture, but the effort on his part was as amazing now as it was back then.

That should be celebrated. Kudos to the Maine detective for going above and beyond, making a little girl's day when all seemed lost, and, of course, solving the case. Goodness prevails.

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