A long overdue solution to a traffic nightmare is going to be addressed by Maine DOT when they announce their plans Wednesday. The Cumberland Mills triangle, that is a little like a rotary but not really, has been a snarled mess for years.

The triangle is where Main Street, Cumberland Street, Warren Avenue and Hanois Avenue all meet in a dance around buildings in the middle that include a Rite Aid and Time Out Sports Pub.

Traffic heading out of and into Portland gets backed up here regularly, especially at the intersection of Warren and Cumberland. According to the Portland Press Herald, it also has the ninth-highest crash rate in the state and third-highest in Cumberland County.

The plan is to place a traffic light at each of the four intersections in the triangle.

Click the map below for a larger version.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Unfortunately, since some federal money is involved in the redesign of the triangle, work probably won't begin until 2019.

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