Ohhhh, we have finally done it. We have found the Tickle Me Elmo of 2016 ... the HATCHIMAL! Fear not -- the Q has you covered.

We will take calls starting Thursday December 8th through Tuesday December 13th. We want to hear your kid plead why, oh why they need a Hatchimal. A what? You know...a Furby in an egg:


Once we have our 3 contestants (and one alternate should someone bail) we will have all 3 in the studio on Wednesday, December 14th at 8am.

They will have to perform 3 tasks using a real egg!



Hold the egg in a spoon with a stretched out arm ... using your non-dominant hand.



After preforming task #1 for 3 minutes, if you are still in it you will now need to stand on your non-dominant leg ... with the egg still stretched out.


Are you still with us? Good. Now for the final task...


With your hand still stretched out, on one foot ... close your eyes and cover them.


Last man standing wins the last Hatchimal in the world! Get ready ... it's gonna be fun!

We are located at One City Center in Portland (we overlook Monument Square).