Nan Hauser a renowned marine biologist, who lives in Brunswick, has always thought that she would be killed by a whale. Not this day - she was actually saved by one and got it on video.


This happened back in October off the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Hauser, who is 63 was diving to search for whales. She's done it before - a lot.

She saw a humpback and swam toward it. But she isn't new at this and knew not to touch it, but was freaked when it swam close to her. Then started to actually nudge her, and then protected her with it's pectoral fin.

There was a shark and for 10 minutes, this 50,000 pound animal pushed her away from it. Amazing...

But her others above water with a film crew actually stopped filming - they didn't want to film her getting mauled to death.

The video is spectacular...


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