You haven't had to get on a whale cruise and head out to the middle of the Atlantic to see minke whales this year. They are coming to us!


According to the Portland Press Herald, the minke whales are close enough to the shore to see with the naked eye. But why?

'It’s a Maine summer treat, that’s for sure,' said Park Ranger Ron Ahlquist, who works at Two Lights and nearby Crescent Beach State Park and said the whale or whales have made themselves at home this year. 'It’s more than normal, that’s for sure.

The working theory according to Ahlquist is that the minke whales are chasing pogies, the ubiquitous, oily fish that have become vital as lobster bait and are used in industry for all manner of fish-related products.


Steve Train a lobster man out of Long Island took this amazing video...


This video was shot less than a mile from Dyer’s Cove, near the north end of Two Lights. So, if you head out to Maine's most famous light house, keep your eyes peeled for a show by the minke whales.



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