This is not an happens almost every day.



I was walking in Portland's Old Port on Exchange Street when I noticed a line of people at least 30 deep. All patiently waiting, most with masks and all doing the six feet apart. I asked the couple at the end of the line, 'What are you in line for?'

Donuts. Well, not JUST donuts. A Holy Donut.


The Holy Donut is quite the story. They first opened on Park Avenue in Portland (near Hadlock) back in 2012. They now have 3 locations (including Exchange Street in Portland's Old Port) and make two million donuts a year!

So obviously, this is a donut that people wait in line for...but why? Well, the owner did her homework and experimented with recipes and found the perfect secret ingredient. It's not a well kept secret, it's Maine potatoes.

Plus, they have amazing flavors too like maple bacon, Allen's Coffee Brandy and their most popular, chocolate sea salt.

Be prepared to wait in line, because they are best before noon and the doors close when they sell out!



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