Ever wonder what you could buy instead of spending it all on a house?

The real estate blog Estately just put together a state-by-state list of things you could buy for the cost of an average home in each state. Hawaii is the most expensive, with a median home value of more than half a million dollars, and... you guessed it... West Virginia is the least expensive, with a median home value of just $100,200. (lots of trailer parks there).

So, what could you buy here in Maine for the cost of a new house? 14,520 pairs of handerpants! That's right... Almost fifteen thousand pairs of underpants for your hands. The average home in Maine costs $173,600. That's a lot of totally useless laundry!

Some of the funniest are...

A private Nickelback concert in California

Full Beard Implants for 33 Hipsters in Oregon

A Zamboni in Wisconsin

17 Million Ladybugs in Kentucky

6,248 "Make America Great Again" Trump Hats in Florida

...and 837 Alligators in Pennsylvania

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