So let's clarify from the top, this isn't an actual road sign that you're going to encounter at a four-way intersection in town. But it is in the shape and the color of a typical road sign you'd see in any town in Maine. Shared on Reddit by nochedetororo, It's on the property of a homeowner in Standish, and we just have so many questions.

Reddit via nochedetoro
Reddit via nochedetoro

First off, where do you commission a street sign like this to be made? And is it a warning that in this particular area of Standish, Maine, people are regularly being abducted by aliens? It feels like it would probably be a bigger story if they were, but then again, stranger things have happened. Speaking of Stranger Things, is this house the portal to the Upside Down? Probably not but it's kind of cool to think about.

Anyways, we're confident in saying that if you see this "street" sign, don't panic. Or if you're super petrified of a flying saucer finding you in a small town in Maine and then using its tractor beam to pull you up, just avoid this house in Standish all together. Peace be with you.


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