I am following up on the gentleman who shared with me that he was homeless. He is also an employee at Hannaford.


Last week when I bought some fish at Hannaford (flounder, it was delicious) the gentleman who helped me shared that he was homeless?

It was said during a casual weather conversation and well...I was stunned. But he's working...how can he be homeless.

Since then, many people have reached out to see what they can do to help. I contacted Hannaford management to let them know what he shared with me and what we could do.

I have found out this gentleman doesn't want assistance. He's okay. He has a membership to the YMCA and showers every day and is confident he will land on his feet. But he does want to share that there are many different faces to homelessness. Just because you are working, doesn't mean you can't be homeless.

I went back to Hannaford to talk to him and give him a chance to tell his story. They are not allowed to tell me his schedule - so, I have to keep going back to try and catch him. I did not catch him today...but I will try again.

I don't know what his story is...or how much he will share, but I do know that it made me pause to know that someone working hard can be living on the street. I have to say that I hear the word 'homeless' and a stereotypical idea forms in my brain.

I want to change my thinking, and hopefully the thinking of others as well.

Stay tuned....

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