For many Lewiston/Auburn residents, construction around the Maine Turnpike exits is nothing new. But recently, people have begun to wonder what exactly is being constructed off the park and ride near Exit 75. And the answer could be something welcome by many residents AND students.

According to the Portland Press Herald, a bus station is being built to help facilitate a new Lewiston/Auburn to Portland route courtesy of Concord Coach Lines. The project is simultaneously being completed with a new bus station at Great Falls Plaza with the hopes that more people will look towards bus travel to alleviate expensive commutes to Portland.

The new bus route will also be available for students. Specifically, Bates College students who travel often or potentially have internships in Portland but may not have consistent vehicle access. The new bus route will offer them an additional option to get back-and-forth from Lewiston to Portland.

It could be useful for commuters too. The rising costs in Portland of parking fees, whether it be parking garages or something as simple as hourly meters, has left some commuters feeling the squeeze. Add in gas prices and daily tolls, and taking the bus may be a wise economic decision.

The new route is expected to be up and running immediately after the bus station is completed.

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