I am not a flag waver. I am not one to get a petition signed to implement change. But I am a person in a position to tell you what it means to be discriminated against. To be mocked, to be legally denied what others take for granted.


I remember like it was yesterday when I thought to myself, 'Oh...I'm gay! THAT'S why I feel like I don't quite fit in.'

I was 18 when I was able to, for lack of a better term, label it.

I was SO happy that I finally was able to identify it, that I wanted to share with everyone! All my friends, co-workers...everyone! I soon learned why people hide this information.

I shared at work and two weeks later was fired. Had I been a flag waver, or a petition starter...I may have done something about that. But I was 18 and in Idaho and simply realized one important thing - don't tell anyone!


Friday June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court of the United States made it the law of the land that I can now get married to a woman...and it will be recognized legally. 32 years after I was learning to hide who I was.

This day is not only historic and will make all the text books for future generations, but as a gay woman, it's acknowledgement that I don't have to hide. Children of gay parents will actually have the names of both parents on their birth certificate. Both names. Children will grow up in a world where love is love.

I still won't wave a flag, and won't get a petition going - but I do recognize the amazing progress that this country has made.

It makes me weepy.

It makes me want to tell everyone I'm gay and proud of the country I love and call home.