We are constantly hearing about how expensive it is to live in Maine. Tax rates, housing costs and other lists always show us near the bottom compared to the rest of the country. There's one thing in Maine though that costs less than anywhere else in the country.

Insure.com complied a list of the cost of car insurance for every state and Washington D.C. and Maine was 51st on the list, and that's a good thing! That makes Maine the cheapest state to get car insurance in the entire country.

The national average premium for a full coverage car insurance policy in the US is $1,318. In Maine however, the average cost is just $864. That's 34% the national average. A big contributor to the low rates is Maine's lack of huge urban areas and congestion that most states have. Maine nabbed the top spot for least expensive states this year with an annual average premium of $864, which is 34 percent less than the national average.

How did we compare with other New England states? Connecticut was third most expensive at $1,897, Rhode Island 4th at $1,848, Massachusetts 28th at $1,242, New Hampshire 39th at $1,124 and Vermont 48th at $948.

So next time that bill for your car insurance premium comes in, just look at it and know that it could be much worse.

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