As someone who is flying out of Logan Airport in a couple of months, and someone who is randomly off-and-on anxious when it comes to flying, the stuff that's happened at Logan the last few days is enough to bring on a tight chest.

And while it's not stopping New Englanders from traveling, because, let's face it, we all need to get from Point A to Point B, it definitely has some people asking what the hell has been going on lately?

Google Maps / Miguel Angel Sanz
Google Maps / Miguel Angel Sanz

Logan Airport Incidents

In the last week, there have been three incidents either at or involving Logan Airport that has just been really out of the ordinary for an airport that's really beefed up security and safety in the last 20+ years since 9/11.

Last Monday, February 27, there was a near-collision on the runway at Logan between a Learjet and a JetBlue plane.

According to the Boston Herald, as the JetBlue aircraft was approaching the runway for a landing, "evasive action" was taken when the Learjet began an approach for takeoff after being told to remain in a holding pattern.

As the Learjet began entering the runway area designated for the JetBlue aircraft to land, the JetBlue pilot had to avoid the "close call" by lifting the plane back in the air. It was never revealed exactly how close the two planes were from contact, but still jarring regardless.

Passenger Stabs Flight Attendant

Fast forward to this past Sunday, when on a flight to Logan from Los Angeles, a passenger disrupted the flight multiple times, first being observed slightly turning the latch for the emergency door by fellow passengers.

According to, along with leaving the latch a quarter turn toward the unlock position, the passenger later stabbed a flight attendant in the neck three times with a broken metal spoon before being tackled by numerous passengers and later arrested when the plane safely arrived to Logan.

Granted, that incident doesn't have anything to do directly with Logan other than the fact that the plane left Los Angeles with Logan as the destination, but it's still indirectly involved.

Planes Clip Wings at Logan

Finally, just a day after the stabbing incident, two United Airlines aircrafts clipped wings while taxiing on the runway. According to NBC10 Boston, there were no injuries but passengers on both aircrafts felt a bit of a bump from the wing clipping.

Thankfully, in all of these situations, there were no injuries and everything and everybody was safe and sound, but it's still concerning and frightening for some passengers that surely already have anxiety with flying as it is to hear about three incidents in a seven-day span involving a local airport.

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