Okay, so I suppose being a mom may be a bit more than getting one kid half ready on the third day of school. But Riley sure made it easy!

Last year, I drove a handful of kids to school for their first week of classes. That's when I met Riley, a spitfire of a kid who loves the Q, dancing, Minecraft, his hoverboard, and being generally upbeat and very entertaining. We decided I would prep him for his first day of school every year for the rest of his school career. On the eve of his first day of 6th grade and just following his 11th birthday, I was stuck in Detroit on my way back from a weekend in Philadelphia. However, we didn't let that ruin our newfound tradition and I went over to his family's house this morning to celebrate belatedly and get him all set for his third day of school.

We started out with a confetti cannon at the door:

Next up: breakfast of champions! Lucky for me, Lori prepped some bacon egg and cheese on bagel sandwiches that I could heat up for Riley and his brother. Needless to say, his excitement came out in stellar dance moves.

Before packing up and heading out to the bus, Riley and I had to get our pinao duet down just right. This particular song is one my grandma's friend taught me when I was about Riley's age, called Teddy Bear Picnic.

There you have it! Two years down, six to go. Unless Riley goes to college somewhere in Maine, which may extend the contract... but in the mean time, have a good year in 6th grade, Riley - and see you next fall!


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