The Whoopie Pie is the official state treat of Maine (not to be confused with the official state dessert of Blueberry Pie). Since the first Whoopie Pie, bakers have been experimenting with new recipes, flavors, and filling-to-cake ratios. What's the best way to enjoy a Whoopie Pie? It's all in the eye of the pie-holder.

The Classic Whoopie Pie

Chocolate with vanilla, equal parts filling to cake, moist but not too sticky, and no bigger than the palm of your hand. Fat Cats Bakery in Portland makes a mean classic Whoopie Pie.

The Overstuffed Whoopie Pie

Cape Whoopies knows that the best part of the Whoopie Pie is the filling so they don't mess around with their ratios. Overwhelming? For some. Delicious? Undeniable.

A Whoopie with Variety

Why eat just a classic Whoopie when you can get a variety of flavors? Red velvet, chocolate chip, orange cream, and pumpkin are just a few of the special flavors offered by the local bakery turned worldwide sensation Wicked Whoopies.

The Whoopie in Other Sweet Treats

Maybe you don't want to eat a Whoopie Pie on it's own. Maybe a Whoopie Pie is best enjoyed as part of another delicious dessert, like this Whoopie Pie ice cream from Downeast Ice Cream in Boothbay Harbor.

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