2020 has been a year of tragic loss, controversy, sickness. Of course, as we go outside more, we're looking around every corner whenever we hear a buzz. We are waiting for one of these things that sting. Still, the good news is there not called Murder Hornets. It's because they are deadly to us (unless we are swarmed). The bad news is if the population is unchecked, they could decimate the Honey Bee population.

Murder Hornets are the natural predator to the Japanese honey bee. That specific species of the honey bee has evolved to develop a defense against our new friends the Murder Hornets, but American honey bees like we see every spring or summer day in Maine have no such protection and are sitting ducks. If you come across Murder Hornets, it's in may never, and you happen to know someone that keeps bees you may want to educate them with this video.

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