This Monday, April 23rd, Bill Murray is coming to Portland! We're one stop on his musical tour 'New Worlds' with cellist Jan Vogler - that's right, musical. Bill Murray's newest venture is classical music, and he performs by singing and reading with musical accompaniment. It's oddly soothing, to be honest.

Tickets are still available online, but if you're busy Monday night, don't despair - Bill Murray is known for showing up where you least expect it. There's even a website that collects fans' stories of his surprise cameos.

There's the time a woman in a restaurant was trying to send a shot to his table for him, but he beat her to the punch by sending her a plate of wild rice. Another time, he took the wheel of a cab while the driver practiced saxophone in the back seat. He's known for photobombing, crashing parties, and swiping golf carts for joy rides.

Who knows where he'll show up in Portland, but keep an eye out and be ready to share some fries!

Alternative View - 68th Berlinale International Film Festival
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