It's a big and rather controversial day in Washington DC. Today, in a joint session of Congress, the Electoral College vote count from the 2020 Presidential election will be certified. It's a ceremony required by the United States Constitution and it could be a long and contentious affair, but at the end of the day, Joe Biden is expected to be called the winner.

The certification today comes from each states' members of the Electoral College. Maine gets four electoral votes. This year three votes went to Biden and one to Trump. In December the Maine electors all went to the State House in Augusta to make their votes. Today in DC, those actual votes will be counted and certified. Bur just who ARE these mysterious members of the Maine Electoral College? Have you ever met one? Is there actually a campus at this Electoral College?

Actually, it's a pretty big honor to be asked to be an elector. Usually, it's a faithful party member of the Democrats or Republicans. The four electors whose votes will be counted when all eyes are on the US Capitol today are:

Maine’s presidential electors for Biden are Jay Philbrick (Congressional District 1), David Bright (at large), and Sen. Shenna Bellows (at large). Maine’s presidential elector for Trump is Peter LaVerdiere (Congressional District 2).



Let's hope it all goes smoother than last night in DC.


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