I married a teacher. As Jen prepared to go back to school, we had a heated discussion about who works harder...teachers or morning show DJs?


Listen, I'm not saying teachers don't work hard. Trust me, they do. But hey, Jen just had the summer 'off'. Jen would tell you teachers are NEVER off, because teaching is ALWAYS on their mind.

Let's break down the facts:


  • get up at an unGodly hour
  • entertain (hopefully) thousands of people every day
  • keep up with current trends
  • eat and eat and eat...for clients.
  • wear clothes
  • come up with clever contests (Hello! Ya think Meat or Cheese invented itself?)
  • deal with the public
  • deal with management when the public complains
  • listeners!!!
  • do amazing charity work
  • budget cuts
  • make fart noises



  • deal with children (double points for that one)
  • be a parent
  • be a counselor
  • shape the future of America
  • keep up with current trends
  • dress appropriately
  • never get a pee break
  • have to eat in :30 seconds, if you're lucky
  • surrounded with germs...lots and lots of germs!
  • oh right, TEACH THEM STUFF
  • parents!!!
  • deal with management when parents complain
  • school dances
  • budget cuts


Well, at the end of the day, we both love our jobs. We get to work with the public and try to make the world a better place.


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