My first question was, 'Are those my jeans?!' Then I realized that they were!


Okay...a little background. I mowed the lawn, and with all the wet weather, parts of the backyard were super muddy. The bottom of my jeans got muddy. So, after taking them off, I put them outside to dry in the sun.

That's when Jen decided to help and put them on the hot hood of her car. Ahhhhhh. Oh, but then she moved them to her roof for even more sun. Then she left, the next day and off they flew...onto Route One in Falmouth.

I had been meaning to ask her where my pants were...but I forgot...for FIVE DAYS! Then when I got the boys off the bus on Friday, I happened to notice something on the road. I asked, and other moms said...'oh yeah...those have been there for days.' That's when I screamed -


A quick dart across Route One (which is no easy feat) I confirmed...yup, those are indeed my jeans!


I inspected them and decided that I think I can save them!


I emptied the pockets that were filled with dirt and put them in the washing machine..alone. I also hosed them off before throwing them in the wash. After 5 days on route one, repeatedly being run over by cars...they look pretty good.



Wow. These should be in a commercial for Old Navy jeans! Fine and dandy!