An accident that involved an allegedly inebriated driver, left a man dead and others injured, according to News Center Maine.

Yesterday around 5:30 at Deering Oaks Park, a car veered off the road, hitting the stands at a local baseball stadium striking a 76-year-old man, the news station reported.

The driver of the vehicle, 29-year-old Jonathan Burt of Lisbon, was allegedly under the influence at the time of the incident, according to News Center Maine, and has been charged with Manslaughter, with his bail being set at $50,000.

This incident occurred during a doubleheader of Little League baseball game on Sunday afternoon, according to the news station.

"A woman came running through yelling, 'Get out of the way, get out of the way,'" Barbara of Portsmouth, N.H. told News Center Maine. "I heard a rumble... then I saw this black car just come screaming through, hit the bleachers where there were two gentlemen sitting."

The car ended up settling on a nearby playground against a jungle gym after rolling through the baseball field, the news station reported.

News Center Maine also noted that no additional children or bystanders were hurt, and the driver and the passenger were both treated for minor injuries and overdose symptoms.

This poses the question, as someone who was hit by a drunk driver last fall and nearly lost his life, with seeing all of the PSAs and advertising campaigns and even education in school about the effects of driving under the influence, why do people who are obliterated still feel the need to get behind the wheel?

We all know someone who is gone to jail for driving under the influence or has had their life altered by the effects of being under the influence, but why do we still do this? I welcome your thoughts.

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