I was blue nosed in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia! But I'm only a mate...I'll explain.


You see, the Blue Nose was a fishing boat back in the day that was really famous and fast! People from Nova Scotia were known as Blue Nosers...so, it was time. As Simon (pronounced si-mone) told us that if you are gonna be blue nosed, you pick your 'shot'. You can be a deck hand and drink a tiny bit in a shot glass. You can be a mate - half a shot glass. Or a skipper, a full shot glass....or you can get shipwrecked and do like 12 ounces!

A shot of what you might ask? Ironworks Blue Nose Rum! I ended up a mate, there were plenty of skippers - and no...no one got ship faced. I mean, ship wrecked. By the way, you can only get that rum in Canada...


Simon took us on a Yarmouth Harbour Tour. Simon took us out for a leisurely cruise around the harbor in his lobster boat and then...he reeled in a giant lobster!


Okay, truth be told...it has rubber bands on - it's a plant. A loaner for the dummies from Maine. But this old fellar is 8 pounds and that puts him at about 40-50 years old. We put him back in the water...

We were then picked up and headed to Keepers Kitchen at Cape Forchu Lightstation.

SIDENOTE: They filmed a movie with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe at Cape Forchu Lightstation. The movie is called Lighthouse and is  'The story of an aging lighthouse keeper named Old who lives in early 20th-century Maine.' Why do they go to Canada to make films about Maine? It's out in 2019. 

So, they had a lobster bake for us. It was awesome. Chef Jeremy used sea water and it made all the difference in the world. The potatoes, the corn, the mussels and that lobster was amazing. If we wanted lobster, we had to put ours in the pot!


We took a tour of the lighthouse museum with Jill (and adorable 21 year old) and learned about just how darned hard it is to live in a lighthouse and take care of all those ships!

Then it was dinner time, and we got our lobster bake in a bucket!


We ended the meal (I was stuffed by the way, and still found room for)...fresh strawberry shortcake!


We watched the sun start to set and it was time to head to Trout Point Lodge and meet Patrick and Pam. This place is a luxury resort in the middle of the wilderness! Actually it's 'nestled In UNESCO Southwest Nova Scotia Biosphere Reserve'. 

Trout Point Lodge

When they say luxury, they mean it. We arrived just as it was getting dark, and the lights of the lodge were so beautiful. It truly is in the middle of the forest. We arrived for some star gazing...but alas - it was cloudy. So, we had a few more drinks and slept in the most comfortable bed on the planet. Our time was too short here as we had a 6 am pick up to take Bay Ferries The Cat back to Portland.

It was an adventure and it makes me want to go back. See those stars, and eat some more warm lobster. If you are looking for a getaway - go north!