So, me (Lori Voornas), Celeste (BLM), Zander (CYY), Nikki (HOM) and Annie (The Peak) alllll took over Y95 - and that was just the beginning...


Wade Clevelend who has been on the radio for about 40 years let us take over. We had a blast for about a half hour.


Then they hooked us up with breakfast at the Shanty Cafe. It's a social enterprise with their mandate to provide meaningful employment to people with barriers to employment due to disability, mental illness, age, language, literacy as well as other barriers. Their mission is to do this with a professional restaurant with all sorts of ethnic and organic menu items.


The food is spectacular and they even bake their own bread daily!

And they make furniture out of broken hockey sticks! These are some of the sticks...

And this is some of the furniture...

Then we were swept away to go kayaking with Song of the Paddle - Ellenwood Kayaking. We were on Ellenwood Lake in Ellenwood Provincial Park. Our guide Becky was fabulous and it was a blast!

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I'm in the middle...and no, we were not being arrested...just a good pose! See Lou? I don't know how to swim, but I know how to wear a life vest.


After kayaking, we worked up an appetite and headed to The Hatfield House for lunch.

I'm gonna let the pictures tell you just how amazing this was. The food was some of the best I've had (and I'm a foodie!) and the setting was gorgeous. You'll just have to trust me on that, since all my pics are of the food!

We started with lots of mussels prepared two ways, spicy and then with cream and bacon.

then there was coconut shrip, grilled scallops, fried calamari, smoked salmon latkes, and tempura lobster sushi...

The main course is what they call warm lobster. It's like a newburg with tons of butter and cream and it's served on toast and it is life changing.

After lunch we got a tour of the Argyle Township Court House and Gaol. Canada's oldest standing courthouse, built in the village of Tusket in 1805. And did NOT want to break the law then.

But I did get to play with the gavel and proclaim my favorite saying, 'Guilty!'

And of course, scoot over Judge Judy - it's Judge Lori!

After this it was off to yet another craft brewery. This time the Tusket Falls Brewing Company...and by this time (it's only about 230 in the afternoon) I needed a nap.

More to come when I wake up....