I've decided to take a good look at my life and possibly make a big change...


I have been dying my hair now for about 10 years...and I'm wondering...should I just let it go and see what happens? It's been longer than my usual time for a hair cut (ya know...summer is just busy). Should I color it again or let it go..


As you can see, I gots me a ton of gray and white!



Would having gray hair make me look older or is it kinda in? This is where it is totally not fair that men can go gray and it's all salt and pepper genius. Women go gray and it's time to get to the hair dresser and beg for help. But alas...I'm not trying to change the world - just my hair.

Okay...it's brutal time. Should I keep dying it (I don't dye it completely - it's a lowlight) or do I just let it go and see how white/gray this sucker gets?

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