When I heard that Keith Carson was coming back to WCSH6 I thought, 'Cool'. But then I saw some things and thought, 'Why are they doing that to Keith Carson?'

So, I've been away. And when I say away, I mean 'the county' with limited cell phone/internet. Needless to say, I was a tad behind. When I got back and binged on TV, I noticed that Keith Carson was coming back to WCSH6 from the Weather Channel. (I also caught the story on our site too!)

But I also saw a couple promotions on WCSH6 (watching the ol' Olympics ya know...). I saw this one


And then I saw this one...


Okay...now I don't know if a week up in 'the county' screwed up my rods and cones, but when I saw these promotions I thought,

Why are they making Keith Carson look like a tool?

Jen thinks they are trying to make him look sexy. I totally disagree...but maybe he's a goofball and they are just playing off that? I have no idea. Does anyone else think these promotions make him look like...well, a tool?

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