The Topsham Police Department released a statement confirming the passing of Arthur McDougall.


77-year-old Arthur McDougall was a bus driver for MSAD 75 and had a medical event while he was driving along Route 201 with a busload of middle and high school kids. The kids sprang into action when they realized something bad was happening to Mr. McDougall. They were able to safely steer the bus off the road, stop it and call 9-1-1.

Topsham Police Department
Topsham Police Department

Those efforts were so appreciated by Arthur's wife Diane. She asked the Topsham Police Department to pass along her thanks to all the students, citizens, and first responders that tried to save her husband's life yesterday. was overwhelming to hear the efforts that were taken by those involved.


Mr. McDougall passed away yesterday afternoon at Maine Medical Center in Portland. The incident happened earlier that morning. He was first taken to Mid Coast Hospital and then had to be airlifted to Maine Med.

If anyone involved is doubting they did enough, or if in any way feel bad about their involvement, please don't. Hearing this story, I share Diane's thoughts of being overwhelmed. We are often bombarded with such negative news about the dark nature of humans. But we live in Maine and I think there is a deep connection we all feel to one another. No one paused to ponder who the bus driver voted for...

At that moment, it was simply a Mainer who needed help - and they did all they could do. Our thoughts are with Arthur's wife, family, and friends. We are so sorry for your loss.


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