The students at Windham Middle School are taking Maine's opioid crisis into their own hands. The second annual “Taking Back Maine’s Future” event is on Thursday, May 9th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Windham Middle School, 408 Gray Rd. Windham, Maine.

WMS students have carefully studied the impact of Maine's current opioid crisis and now seek to predict what Maine's future may look like in two very different situations… A future where real solutions to the state's horrifying opioid epidemic are found, ending the crisis before it gets worse, OR a future in which the current trends of opioid addiction and overdose continue to rise.

To demonstrate the contrast between these two potential fates, the students have “gone into the future” and brought back newspapers that show what Maine may be like in the year 2055.

These newspapers, along with a REAL SCREEN-ACCURATE BACK-TO-THE-FUTURE DELOREAN TIME MACHINE (nerd alert!), will be on display for the public at the “Taking Back Maine's Future" event.

The DeLorean Time Machine

Admission is FREE and all are welcome to take some time-machine selfies with Doc and Marty!  The students invite you to take this unique opportunity to look into the future of Maine and find out how we all can have a part in Taking Back Maine's Future!

For more information, email WMS teacher Douglas Elder at and be sure to follow the "Taking Back Maine's Future" event page on facebook.

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