Three months ago, it was like the world stopped spinning.

I was at trivia at Gritty's, and the news flashed on the screen that Tom Hanks had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and that the NBA had canceled the rest of their season.

It was at that moment that I knew 'it' just got real.

Talking to my friends in Europe, I had heard the stories of quarantines and complete chaos taking over from the countryside to the city.

The next week, everyone went into hiding here as fear gripped the nation, and not long after, the country split into the factions that said, "we have to reopen the country" or "we need to wait this out."

There is no easy way to confront this issue. There is no playbook here.

Some businesses lost everything, the economy tanked, and some people's morals went into free fall.

Now here we are in June, and the state is slowly starting to open back up during one of the biggest pandemics, and yet people are still complaining that we can not go to the bar?

Have we not learned anything? Your favorite bar should be your house at this point!

The state has to do what it can to make sure people are safe; business owners need the time to prepare for customers to come back in this still COVID-infused environment. All it will take is one case of COVID for your favorite bar to shut down.

Now, if you own the business, and it has already been established that you are not going to get the help you need during this crisis, nobody is blaming you for wanting to open because this is your livelihood. You put your life into this, but everyone else with the comments on the governor wanting to 'bankrupt' our state, stop.

No sitting politician who wants to be reelected would want to 'bankrupt' anyone purposely.

Compared to other parts of the country and the world, as of now, it seems we got off fortunate here in Maine.

Let's think of how blessed we are to be still alive during these trying times.

P.S. Wear your mask please and thank you!

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