The way we consume entertainment has changed a lot over the years but there's no denying it was a treat to get together with friends, or a significant other to enjoy the release of a new movie. Or if you're me, get really into it and dress up. (#NoRegrets)

The pandemic has impacted the entertainment industry in ways we never imagined nearly a year ago when it was all about two weeks to flatten the curve. With Hollywood taking a huge pause and restrictions our beloved movie theaters have taken a huge hit.

It was announced today that Cinemagic movie theaters, with locations all across northern New England, are closing permanently, and honestly, that makes me incredibly sad.

Not just for me personally who loves the occasional night out at the movies and loves going to the only IMAX theater in the state, but I think of teens and young adults.

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Going to the movies has always been a safe fun option for teens on a Friday night. And now, with Cinemagic gone, southern Mainers, in particular, no longer have options for movie-going unless they're willing and able to travel or wait for the return of the local drive-ins when the weather improves.

I fear that this could be the beginning of permanent closure announcements. But I do have hope that perhaps someone will swoop in and buy these beloved theaters.

Young people have lost so much due to COVID-19. Their social lives have been in large part put on the back burner and now elements of normalcy aren't returning. That's a tough pill to swallow on top of things already being difficult. My heart continues to break.

I can only hope as time goes on that we're able to preserve the remaining safe spaces for Maine kids to gather with their friends and have fun. I hope that kids can have these social outlets and make memories like the rest of us did. I hope that this pandemic will stop destroying everything in its path. I hope we're able to enjoy these things that we absolutely took for granted in the moment and now would do anything to get them back.


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