We're all feeling ready for summer, and despite this weird freezing cold week-long hiatus from warmer weather, the cows on Wolfe's Neck Farm are right there with us.

This week, Wolfe's Neck celebrated with their eager dairy herd as they practically danced their way to the green fields for grazing. Every year in mid- to late-spring, the cows are released each day to graze the fields and *ahem* add "nutrients" back into the earth. In other words, their farmers don't have to pick up after their pets like dog owners in the city do.

In their Instagram post documenting the event, Wolfe's Neck said it's one of their favorite days of the year. All 43 beeline straight for the pastures as onlookers cheer them on, and it's heart-warming to watch how excitedly these normally subdued animals romp around on the fresh green grass.

The dairy herd's eagerness is just infectious. Don't they make you want to prance into a fresh field of summer grass?!

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