Wendy Auger from Rochester, New Hampshire, has had her vanity license plate for 15 years, and she still wants it.

NewsCenter Maine says that Wendy is fighting New Hampshire's state Department of Motor Vehicles because they say that this relates to an excretory act and that's not accepted.

The plate says PB4WEGO.

Ya know, pee before we go! Something that anyone who has ever strapped a kid into a car says. Because nothing is worse than driving along and someone says they have to pee.

But she was asked to surrender the plate, cuz it doesn't fit.

Not sure why it has fit for 15 years or they JUST now noticed it.

But Wendy's plate is one of 92 in New Hampshire being recalled cuz they aren't legal, according to News Center Maine, and there are over 152,000 vanity plates in NH.


According to Wendy, she's fighting this because,

Who has a mom or dad or parental figure who hasn't said that to kids before leaving the house?


Hell of a good point Wendy. A DMV spokesperson couldn't comment on this particular case.

Wendy, move to Maine, where you can put pretty much anything you want on a plate here!

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