Maine's very own King of Comedy, Bob Marley, is coming off a spectacular New Year's Eve special and is gearing up for a tour down in Florida. (We're not jealous at all...)

This morning he woke up to a knocking on his house. Was it an annoying neighbor? The FedEx guy? A burglar? Not likely.

In his latest hilarious video, Bob goes out to investigate the source of the knocking. He eventually figures out who the culprit was and the damage to the house! He goes on to discuss how to how to go about solving the issue and how to keep it from happening again in the future.

Check it out! [Some NSFW language.]

Yikes! That woodpecker caused some damage! Really living up to his name.

Best of luck Uncle Bobby scaling the house to put up that reflective tape. And ya know what they say, we all turn into our parents eventually!

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