Not to be confused with their annual Wife Carrying Championship which happens in October, this one is a new twist on an old classic. This competition includes snowshoes and it you've ever been on those, you know it's a little more difficult to walk by yourself let alone be carrying a human on your back.

This is the Snowshoe Wife Carrying Championship, at it's new home, Sunday River. Registration is on now for the contest that happens Saturday morning at 11am.

There are a lot of similarities between the two competitions, both on an obstacle course, this one is roughly 280 yards. The course begins with three rollers made out of snow, followed by a slalom course, whaleback, and finally a mogul field that competitors have to navigate while wearing snowshoes and carrying a person. You don't have to be related, but must be over 21 years old. If the carried partner is dropped, the team cannot advance until that partner is back up and mounted properly. Prizes will be awarded to the best teams in all categories this Saturday.

The video below shows the annual Wife Carrying Championship since this is the very first Snowshoe Wife Carrying Championship at Sunday River but you'll get the idea..

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