A house in Augusta was evacuated after city officials said it was unsafe for people to live there. Officials called it the worst case of hoarding they've ever seen.


There were electrical, structural, and serious hoarding issues on the second floor at 44 State Street. The first floor was a mess, but not as bad as the second floor.


The floor was covered with clothes, trash and the ceiling was leaking and had water damage. That water damaged affected the electrical system, which made the building a fire hazard. There were several code violations.

Then there was the stuff. Clothes, food, and trash everywhere. Until the homeowner died last month, they believe three people lived, ate and slept on the second floor. The hoarding alone was a fire hazzard.

Augusta City Officials

The tenants were able to find a new apartment and city officials are working to get them the services they need. Code enforcement officers say the building will probably have to be torn down.