Here is an idea for Maine drive-ins, I was watching good morning America, and I saw that Garth Brooks would be doing a concert that will be broadcast at about three hundred drive-ins around the country. Brilliant idea, as I am sure some Maine Drive-ins will be showing this event, especially at $100 car to share this experience.

This was clearly inspired by the impact that COVID 19 has had on the music and the Movie industry, and I do not doubt that this will eventually role out into movie theaters as well. But while Garth Brooks and other musicians that are soon to follow suit have this option, what about our regional and local acts that are still unemployed?

People want live music, and there is no question we as a society, have shown, adaptation to getting our entertainment needs met.

That is why I had this brainstorm about acts coming to drive-ins during and otherwise off nights. This would sell food and beverages and bring the guaranteed followings that some of these acts have.

What do you think, Would you go to see your favorite band at your local Maine Drive-in?

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